Facembrace Experience: A Story of Perseverance

Delivering real comfort solutions for people who use a respiratory mask for sleep apnea means more than just making innovative and effective comfort accessories like Facembrace. For Rheabrio, supporting these people while they try the product is essential, so they can get used to it and get a sense of its real value.

An educational client experience

Mrs. Jolie is a charming woman of 77 who’s been treating her sleep apnea with CPAP therapy for five years now. Her skin is sensitive and susceptible to rosacea, so the CPAP mask she wears each night can be a source of real discomfort.

Mrs. Jolie heard about Facembrace in her daily newspaper. She felt a spark of hope: the article mentioned an innovative product designed for the comfort of people dealing with sleep apnea. Mrs. Jolie was tired of finding strap marks on her face every morning, and she was also happy to hear that Facembrace had an airflow deflector to stop the mask from drying out her eyes. With nothing to lose, she decided to buy it.

At her first attempt with the Facembrace, Mrs. Jolie was concerned about the selected size, that didn’t seem appropriate. She contacted the customer service, which effectively concluded to a size problem and processed to the exchange.

A few times later, Mrs. Jolie received the right size Facembrace. She didn’t want to damage her Facembrace at all – just in case she wanted to return it – so she avoided washing it and only wore it a few times throughout the day for the space of ten minutes, without turning on the air pressure. She finds the product soft and light, but it was a bit stiff and the elastic supports bothered her ears. Mrs. Jolie decided regretfully not to keep her Facembrace.

Attentive and open listening

Noticing the product didn’t seem to deliver expected benefits, Mrs. Jolie contacts the customer service for a second time for reimbursement. When Rheabrio’s customer service representatives heard about Mrs. Jolie’s disappointment with the product, they invited her to discuss her experience with Louise Bernard (the founder of the company and the designer of Facembrace), and she kindly agreed.

In the course of their conversation, Louise found out that Mrs. Jolie hadn’t exactly encountered a problem with her Facembrace; she had been held back by a reluctance to really try it out. And has she never try the Facembrace with her CPAP on, she never had the chance to verify if the product really prevents pulsed air to dry her eyes out.  Louise, therefore, reassured her that it was not only permitted but actually recommended to wash her accessory before she used it for the first time. She also confirmed for Mrs. Jolie that washing her Facembrace according to the instructions and using it for a few nights won’t in any way threaten her 30-day satisfaction guarantee. On the contrary, doing these things can allow her to get used to her Facembrace and enjoy its benefits. Mrs. Jolie also found out that she could loosen her elastic supports during the night for increased comfort. She even got some tips from the accessory’s designer on how to properly position the Facembrace on her face.

A beneficial experience for everyone

At the end of the conversation, Mrs. Jolie is encouraged, and she decided to do another attempt, so she can enjoy the benefits of the product.  She finally kept her Facembrace and never called back the customer service. This dialogue with this client was a new opportunity for the Rheabrio team to continue to improve themselves. Since the client experience is one of the top priorities of the organization, the team decided to modify its size selector and to add a leaflet to the product package assuring people like Mrs. Jolie that washing their Facembrace and trying it out for a few nights won’t change their warranty in any way.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your Facembrace experience, or if you have any questions you’d like to ask us, we invite you to follow Mrs. Jolie’s example and get in touch with us. We hope you’ll stay informed by signing up for our mailing list too, and by following us on Facebook.